Petron Open Gear Lubricants

homescreenPetron Corporation of New Berlin, Wisconsin, is a worldwide supplier of quality engineered lubricants for the mining, power geneartion and cement markets.

Petron Corporation has many O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) endorsed lubricants for equipment such as mill and kiln open gears, shovels, draglines and haulage trucks.

Petron’s Gear Shield NC is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in the lubrication of open gears on mills and kilns, this is substantiated by its extensive user list and backed up with superior F.Z.G. wear test data.

Petron Corporation support Source LS in the U.K., Ireland and European markets through joint service technical visits.

Source LS supply open gear lubricants and other products backed up by service engineering which includes the following:

On-Site Services Included With Gear Shield®

1.  Strobe running open gear sets serviced with Gear Shield®.

2.  Take temperature gradient of open gear sets serviced with Gear Shield®.

3.  Perform automatic lubrication system check/verify spray pattern of nozzles.

4.  Check drainage of lubricant from guard of gear for compromised pattern of drainage.

5.   Analyze film coverage for each girth gear and pinion inspected noting:

  • uniformity of coverage
  • visible contaminants on gear
  • signs of excess lubrication
  • indications of compromised spray patterns

6.  Analyze temperature gradient for each girth gear and pinion inspected noting:

  • gradients not within acceptable parameters and suggest possible causes

7.  Analyze automatic lubrication system of each open gear noting:

  • Unusual or compromised operation

8. Analyze drainage of Gear Shield® from guard of gear noting:

  • compromised drainage

9.  Photograph each open gear set serviced with Gear Shield®.